J Wells poems-

My mom is a very talented poet- below are a few she has had published- (pen name Judith Brimble)

Game of Life


Drop me in a paper bag

Shake me like a dice

Double one, or double six

My destiny, my life

Climb the ladder, slide the snake

Pass, go or take a chance

I lose myself at Marylebone

Pass, go as I advance

Queen of hearts you tempt me

King of spades you dig my hole

I hang on for Subbuteo

And reach out for my goal

Miss Scarlett, my lady in red

Study ropes, she awaits her fate

Your pawn captures my ivory tower, then where’s life gone? Checkmate

Getting bored of life’s long game

Play each card and spin life’s wheel; we never know the hand life’s dealt

Until the dealers deal


Lost Souls


Are the little clouds the playground

Where you lost children play?

The midnight stars heaven’s eyes

Lighting up their way?

Are the pearly gates left open

Where the older souls keep watch

On those little ones taken early

From life at such a cost

Sweet raindrops their only lullaby

No earthly song they hear

No mother’s love, just angels’ hands

To soothe their cheeks from tears

Their little lives like autumn leaves

Tossed away and blown

Our children lost in heaven

Who are never coming home
No Love in the House
Little girl lost at the top of the stairs
Tears in her eyes, yet nobody cares
Voices irate and momentous screams
A childhood of nightmares
That should have been dreams
A kiss and a cuddle to feel loved and warm
But hatred had reigned since the day she was born
Anguish-filled years as this little girl grows
The damage their causing, nobody knows
Why do they argue? Am I to blame?
She asks herself silently over again
Sleep doesn’t come easy to a mind filled with doubt
It’s hard for a child with no love in the house
No way of knowing without understanding
She tiptoes quietly across the dark landing
Lies in her bed, hands cover each ear
The noise although muffled still won’t disappear
Longing to sleep, so cold and eyes sore
It’s hard on a little girl only just four
Because Mom’s and Dad’s pain causes this little girl doubt
So sad for a child with no love in the house

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