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Echo McCool, we read this book last year after coming across it on good reads- we really enjoyed this book, it had a good pace, and action through out- Echo being a great main character, cant go into to much detail as it has been a while since we have read the novel.

Jeff Bennigtons novel, we are currently reading this at the moment- it is a very good read, very personal touch to the book- we are finding the book very helpful, with some really good tips- and solid advice (when it was so hard out there) seems agents only want to know you if your "someone" or have so called "connections," Jeff has done an amazing job, and is a BIG help for new authors  (5* so far) really enjoying it.

Ok so we have finished this book (April 2013), I think it is a MUST for new authors. He is a very talented author, (as proved in his novel the Reunion), and it’s so nice to read about someone else’s experiences who was in the same position- he also has a website – the kindle book review- which he has offers for new authors- helping to get exposure- I used to think the hard work was writing the book…. Jeffs book has really opened my eyes up…. The hard work starts now…

Ok so we brought Jeffs indie author guide to the universe... big question is... is he such a tallented author... hmmm,.... lets see... So far, so good, really impressed, this isnt the usual book i would go for, mainly as i'm a bit of a fantasy nerd.... but really impressed, a real little gem...

The portrayal of the characters was excellent, getting an insight to their lives since the shooting. David Ray was responsible for killing class members, and finally turning the gun on himself-
This goes on to show how it had affected the survivors during the past years; it gives that realistic feel as you get to know them. The character I feel was most effected was Nick who lost somebody very close to him, and turned to the bottle. They all found it difficult meeting for the Reunion, but there were strange happenings and sightings ... And a big twist, which nobody could possibly see coming, after this I really couldn't put the book down, but many old wounds opened up as demons from the past resurfaced, and relationships and yet more lives are put in jeopardy- I don't want to say any more as I feel this is a book you need to read for yourselves to appreciate all its intricacies- I've read many books in the past- but would have to say this- being one of my favourites-


What can I say about this book? Its action all the way through, as we follow scarlet through an angel academy- of course we get a good love triangle (Scarlett & two hot brothers... say no more) - but its obvious who Scarlet wants-
 the author isn't afraid to make you hate certain characters in one chapter, but then totally change your mind, and feel sorry for them- I love the fact each character has a special gift- (and finding out what it is, and how they use it).
Did I enjoy this book.... hmmm.... I brought book2 straight away..... I love Laura's writing style, her descriptions are fantastic, really makes you feel as if you are there :)

What next ..........

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